Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc.

CPRS Inc. offers the full range of Human Resources solutions which are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients and associates. We have the capability to provide all these services locally and globally. We are proud to have the aforementioned countries as our operational and deployment grounds for the following industry-sector: 

Job Openings

We have a symbol mark of a “HELPING HAND” This was chosen to convey an active, lively image in tune with Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc. mission of connecting COMPANIES that are looking for people to recruit and PEOPLE who are looking for Jobs. 

FRAMEWORKS JAPAN Urgent 210,000.00 JPY 03-Aug-2022 Contractual
MACHINIST QUEBEC Open 3,000.00 - 3,400.00 CAD 11-Feb-2022 Contractual
MILL / CONTROL ENGINEERS Canada Open 8,900.00 - 9,740.00 CAD 27-Jan-2022 Contractual
TRAILER TRUCK DRIVER (WOODLAND DRIVER) Canada Open 3,800.00 - 4,300.00 CAD 27-Jan-2022 Contractual
WELDER(FCAW, GMAW, MIG) JAPAN Open 150,000.00 - 155,000.00 JPY 27-Jan-2022 Contractual
INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING JAPAN Open 150,000.00 - 155,000.00 JPY 25-Jan-2022 Contractual
LATHE OPERATOR/ AUTO MAINTENANCE JAPAN Urgent 150,000.00 - 160,000.00 JPY 25-Jan-2022 Contractual
SCAFFOLDING JAPAN Open 150,000.00 - 155,000.00 JPY 25-Jan-2022 Contractual
MASONERY JAPAN Open 120,000.00 - 130,000.00 JPY 24-Jan-2022 Contractual
MECHANIC Canada Open 20.00 - 21.00 USD 08-Oct-2021 Contractual
SHEET METAL WORKS (PRESS BRAKE OPERATOR) Canada Urgent 3,500.00 - 3,800.00 CAD 07-Oct-2021 Contractual
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