POEA E-Registration

When you want to have a PEOS, you will need an E-Registration Number. If you don't have one, you can register by reading the instructions below. You can also read more about POEA's Online Portal and E-Registration in this article.

STEP 1: Go to this website and click "Let's Go!".

STEP 2: Click "Register." Accept the terms of usage.
STEP 3: Enter the information asked. Review it, then click “Register.” You will then receive an e-mail with your temporary password.
STEP 4: Log in to your account using the Temporary Password and change it.
STEP 5: On your dashboard, you can see your E-Registration Number, which you can use for the PEOS Online.

Getting A Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar

STEP 1: When you already have your E-Registration number. Go to this website.
STEP 2: Enter the information asked. Choose whether you are a skilled/professional worker or household worker – this is about the work you will be doing abroad. Click Proceed.
STEP 3: On your dashboard, you will have 8 Modules to check.
STEP 4: Click the 1st Module. You can either see a video or read the slides. Take notes as there is a quiz at the end.
STEP 5: Click "Let's Review." You will be answering a quiz. Make sure you at least pass so that you can proceed to the next module.
STEP 6: Repeat STEPs 4 and 5 until you are done with the 8 Modules.
STEP 7: After finishing the 8 Modules, you can print your PEOS Certificate.


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Monday(s) - Friday(s)
8:00am - 5:00pm and
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Email: inquiry@cprsi.com
Direct line :(+ 632) 8 398 9048/
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Truck Line: (+632) 8 643 5400
Cell Phones: 09176254193 / 09176253890