What is CPRSI?

Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Incorporation

Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned recruitment agency licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration since 2006.

In more than 11 years since our founding, we have helped 5,000+ Filipino skilled workers landed on the best company in Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc. operated in a pro-action environment by simply rediscovering, reinventing and redefining our recruitment process.

Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc. work beyond our purpose of helping people but we are also ensuring that we live by our CORE Values of Loyalty, Commitment and Integrity.

Target Number of Deployment per Year











Performace measures shall include any one or combination of

In CPRSI, we believe that youth are the key to shaping a better future. Through each and every experience we provide, we strive to develop youth leaders with the following qualities.

Effectiveness /  Quality

Extent to which actual performance compares with target performance. Degree to which objectives are achieved and targeted problems are solved


Extent to which time or resources is used for the intended task or purpose. Quantity of waste expense or unnecessary effort spent out in the accomplishment of task.



Timeless of the work per requirement of law and/or clients/stakeholders. Time related performance indicators (such as deadlines, time management skills and others )

We are POEA Licensed 

We are accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, and follow all codes of conduct and recruitment laws. We also guarantee our work.

Licensed - POEA-246-LB-110918-R 
Visit and Search at www.poea.gov.ph for Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc. current license informations.

Where we Serve

Countries served are the Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Our Mission is Simple

Provide outstanding customer service while matching qualified candidates with our hiring clients for complete satisfaction for everyone.

Business Partners & Affiliations


138 CPDC Bldg. Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Ususan,Taguig City, Philippines
Monday(s) - Friday(s)
8:00am - 5:00pm and
Saturday(s) 8:00am - 4:00pm


Email: inquiry@cprsi.com
Direct line :(+ 632) 8 398 9048/
8 643 7984
Truck Line: (+632) 8 643 5400
Cell Phones: 09176254193 / 09176253890